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Feed your hungry snake or lizard one of our high-quality pinky mice. We call them "Frodents" which is short for "frozen rodents." Available in 50 or 100 pinky mice packs, each order will ship separately from any animals you order online. The cost to ship any "Frodent" pack is $35, and the package contents are kept fresh with dry ice. Order your "Frodent" pack today to feed your hungry critter.

How do I thaw out my frozen food items?
The thawing process is crucial to Frodent's quality. The safest and most preferable way to thaw frozen mice is in a refrigerated space at 40°F. Frozen animal food should not be thawed using a microwave or hot water. Never use the kitchen sink or food preparation areas to thaw frozen animal food. Frozen animal food, once thawed, should NEVER be refrozen.

How do you convert an animal that is used to feeding on live prey items to frozen prey items?
When converting an animal to frozen/thawed prey, try "tease feeding" it by dangling the food item in front of it with a pair of tongs. Be prepared for the strike and quickly release the prey item.

How are the rodents euthanized?
The rodents are euthanized by using Carbon dioxide (CO2), as recommended by the American Veterinary Medical Association panel on euthanasia as the agent to euthanize prey items. CO2 is a humane, quick and painless form of euthanasia. CO2 also ensures that no harmful residual chemicals remain that may be detrimental to the health of the animal ingesting the prey item.

What is your return policy for Frodents?
Due to biosecurity concerns, all Frodents are not eligible for returns, refunds or exchange.