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Superworms Zophobas morio
Superworms are super irresistible to reptiles and other critters. And with 500 Superworms you're going to have a lot of satisfied critters. Superworms are typically twice the size of mealworms and are readily accepted by lizards, frogs, salamanders, turtles and more. Since Superworms contain less chitin (the stuff that makes insect exoskeletons hard) then mealworms they are much easier for your pet critter to digest. However, despite this advantage over mealworms, Superworms should only represent a small portion of your critters diet.

Once you get your Superworms delivered you can keep in a medium sized critter keeper of plastic shoe box. Next, lay down some substrate on the bottom of your container. You can use oats, rice, or our Mealworm Bedding as a substrate. After you lay down the substrate of your choice it's time to lay some good nutritious food down like carrots, potatoes, and some fruits. Even banana peels are good to use. Once your done preparing the container, it's time to dump all the superworms into their new home. You can watch them all start chowing down and burrowing under the substrate. A well set up superworm container should keep these little buggers happy for many many weeks. One thing that you need to remember about Superworms is that they DO NOT HYBERNATE. Please DO NOT refrigerate your Superworms after arrival. Unlike other feeder insects, refrigerating Superworms does not cause hibernation and will kill them.

Protein: 20%
Fat: 14.3%
Calcium (ppm): 173
Fiber: 2.6%
Moisture: 61.4%