Water Turtle Tub (Habital)

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Waterland tubs are simply the finest turtle tub made. Custom made in Pink and Blue, exclusively for The Turtle Source. Perfect for all water turtles up to 7 inches shell length. This tub is 55 inches long, 25 inches wide, and is 12 inches high. This allows for a water depth of 6 - 8 inches depending on the angle you set the tub up on. Flat they hold 18 gallons, we elevate them on the land side by 2" and get a few more gallons in them. They are made of 100% all natural high density polyethylene and our first year tubs are still going strong 20 years now! They are both chemical and UV resistant. They withstand extreme temperatures changes, making them excellent for outdoor use. They are built with easy grip access ramps and have non stick surfaces that clean up very quickly. With a separate section for a land area, gravel or mulch can be used to create a nice land mass/basking area - or sand can be added during egg laying season - giving female turtles the perfect place to safely lay their eggs.

We used these same tubs both indoors and out, here in the Florida sun and they are still going strong for two decades ! They are more than durable, they are virtually unbreakable. We use them for hatchlings, juveniles, yound adults and full grown breeders of smaller species.

Consider this: You can keep a turtle for several decades, the consistency of a habitat is one of the most important aspects of a turtles's long life - so why not set them up in a habitat that will last for serveral decades. . .